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Writing Real Life

Tomorrow I release Wedding in Paradise!

You've read the blurb, now a few more details.


It is based on real events, we really did have the craziest, strangest and rather comical holiday in Thailand in 2010 for my sisters wedding. Of course names have changed, and I have substituted a few events and characters. I've also had to space out the insanity as in real life all the crazy events happened in the first week, and the second was more of a slow down, but of course that'd be a bit of an anti climax and maybe a bit too much in the first few chapters.

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Waterloo Sunset

It was a late spring night, the sky a deep red as the sun descended below the river, shimmering pink and violet on the Thames as the dark sky slowly invaded the burning horizon. She had been stood, staring at the water for hours, it had changed from pale blue without a wisp of cloud, through the stages of evening approaching, lilac, orange with yellow hue, then the orange sunk deeper ad deeper until the sky burned fierce and the reflection in the water made it seem as the plague of Nile, running as blood. In the distance shadows were approaching, foreboding, dark and heavy. The breeze guiding them in in a mischievous taunt, to bring the fitting end to the worst day Bernice had ever known.

What would happen next? The rain would come of course and she’d get wet, because she’d probably still be stood here, staring at the water, nowhere else to go. She could go home, she thought she might as well as it would probably not be her home for long. A woman with no job would have no money, and no money would mean no fancy apartment in the busiest city in the world. Maybe she should explore the city while she was here. She looked from one end of the bridge to the other and realised that for all of the nine years she had lived in London, all she knew of the city was her commute to work from her apartment. She didn’t even know which side of the water the Theatre district was in, which way the nightlife would be calling, where Soho was or even, from this point, how to get to Buckingham palace or the Mall. She knew Albufeira better than London and she’d only spent a week there last summer.

She didn’t know anybody either. Nearly a decade in this bustling, thriving city. One of the most multicultural cities in the world, the capital of one of the most successful countries in the world. People flocked to London everyday for their fortunes. Media, music, business, commerce, government, even Royalty; it all happened right in this city, and Bernice knew which stop on the circle line to get off to get a Hot Mochachino on her way to the office. As if on cue, the phone in her pocket buzzed and out of habit she pulled it out immediately and looked at the message from her flatmate.

Yo budz, OMG, NO WAY! Redundant sucks!

Don’t do anything stupid, where you at?

Oh Gemma! Always trying to sound street, when she was a privileged, educated young lady from rural Essex. She would tell her it’s all going to be OK and she’ll get another job no trouble. She’d convince her to get a bottle of wine and sit in while they scout the net sending out CV’s and canvassing the world for work.

What was the point? So she could live in another place she never got to know? Once more working all hours to be completely alone in a big city? All the time she spent here she’d not even been on one date, in nearly ten years she’d not gone to dinner with one girl! She wondered if her friends even knew she liked girls, her life had been that mundane and isolated.

The lyrics of the Kinks song played in her mind as the sun finally descended below the river and Bernice knew this should make her do…something.

I’m off for a wander

She quickly text back and made her way across the bridge,  heading into the direction of the city….

To find out what Bernice did next…why not buy yourself a Short Sizzling Summer Read:

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Fools Rush In

When is the time to say this is finished, my work is complete and it's ready for the world to look at? It's not always right now! You may think you have the next Harry Potter series or Horror Sensation to compete with a King masterpiece, but that really doesn't mean you should go ahead and push that publish button. There's still a whole lot of work to do!

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Book Release

So tomorrow, November 21st 2014, sees the release of Boughs of Evergreen, a project I have been involved in with Beaten Track Publishing with whom I published Once Upon a Set of Wheels. For your perusal I thought I’d share with you what this wonderful project is all about and how it may not just be a fantastic Christmas gift for someone, or to indulge in yourself, but how it can also help someone who may need it.

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The Footpath: A Halloween Tale!

The sound of leaves dried and withered crunching under foot was the only sound that he could hear on the deserted path. The footfalls that crushed them made no other sound as they seemed to land without thud on the dusty path between the playground and the houses in the distance. Why were they so distant? They had never been that far away before. They were just round the corner from the playing fields along the small footpath flanked by the withering autumn trees. Now on the path, they seemed as though they were far off in the horizon. They had moved, miles and miles away and between here and there was a long, dark winding path flanked by the shadows of dead withered trees casting ghostly claws from twisted and torn, bare leafless branches. Before her was the longest path her had ever seen, disturbing, frighteningly and confusingly long and behind him someone or thing, trod and crunched the dead autumn leaves as they stepped ever closer.

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